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One of the last and final Elijah Craig Single Barrel releases for 2018 will be bottled and distributed in February 2019. This is a limited single barrel which will be available only at CaskCartel.comElijah Craig 10 Year Single Barrel


Elijah Craig 10 Year Single Barrel labeled as the “Naughty List” limited release is available for presale only at This Single Barrel exclusive release is anticipated to be in high demand as it’s already begun to presell quickly. Its suggested collectors and enthusiasts reserve their bottle as soon as possible to guarantee availably.

The product was initially scheduled to be released in December 2018, hence the name. “Naughty list” Barrel no. 5264307 was selected on July 12, 2018 but government restrictions, barrel warehouse reconstruction and weather conditions have caused significant delays. Lastly the current government shut down has delayed progress even further. The bourbon is expected to be ready to be bottled and shipped in the first week of February 2019. This makes it one of the last and final Elijah Craig Single Barrel release for 2018. “Naughty List” Single Barrel is a must have for fine bourbon collectors and enthusiasts. This closes out 2018 with a bourbon that lives truly up to its name and reputation of being “naughty”.

The superior nature of the award-winning bourbon is also reflected by the new iconic bottle design. The brand name and Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey directly decorate the bottle, while a small textured “Naughty List” branded label which makes it completely unique and collectable. On the bottom of the label presents product information. Cork closure is made of dark-brown stained wood that confers a more traditional look.


Color: Burnished copper

Proof: 94 ABV 47%

Nose – berries/fruit, light oak, hint of vanilla

Finish – Sweet leathery, oak, dark fruits,

Professional Overview: Beautiful oily mouthfeel with the legs the on the glass which leads to beautiful boastful finish. Great bourbon and it tastes like bourbon history!