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Goldilocks Bourbon

Weller Single Barrel Goldilocks Bourbon

“Late in May, Buffalo Trace Distillery announced the latest expansion of its covetable line of Weller bourbons. A mid-proof, annual release bourbon with the company’s famed wheated bourbon mashbill, Weller Single Barrel is already my favorite of the lineup (except for the Antique Collection’s William Larue Weller bottle). Its 97 proof is high enough to keep a fatty mouthfeel and deliver big flavor, but not so high as to drown out the whiskey’s lighter cherry and floral notes, like Full Proof. There’s more barrel influence in the finish than something like Antique 107 or Special Reserve, too. Because it’s Buffalo Trace and because it’s Weller, it will be more expensive than its listed $40 asking price but, for me at least, it may just be worth it.” — Will Price, Assistant Editor