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The popular Old Forester single barrel program, which allows interested parties to choose their own unique barrels for private bottling, is getting a revamp from the powers that be at Brown-Forman. What one will have access to now for bartender, retail and others is a choice of 100 proof or an unfiltered barrel strength option.

The updated Old Forester single barrel experience, according to those behind it, will allow those who purchase full barrels from the distillery the option of either 100 proof bourbon that yields approximately 200 bottles around $50 each or barrel strength bourbon that, depending upon the proof, yields approximately 160 bottles around $80 each.

“Since our founding 150 years ago,” said Jackie Zykan, Old Forester master taster, in a prepared statement, “we’ve always listened to our customers and looked for ways to innovate to meet their tastes. Proof and filtration are both really important factors in the final flavor and complexity of a whisky, and we wanted to be able to share how special some of these barrels are when the product inside is tasted in raw form.

“What I love about our Single Barrel program is the chance it gives me and the brand to connect with our fans one-on-one, creating a bespoke product that’s unique to their personal flavor profile. And with these updates, we have even more options to help our fans find their perfect fit.”

With the changes the 90 proof single barrel option, which was previously the only choice, is being eliminated. Currently, it is said, there are no plans to move Old Forester’s Single Barrel program away from private “By the Barrel” purchases. Customers who are interested in purchasing a Single Barrel product can purchase a bottle from Old Forster Distilling Co. or from retailers who have hand-selected their own private barrels.


Old Forester Revamps Single Barrel