Pine Bluffs distilling releases new blend of bourbon, Rye

Pine Bluffs, WY (Dec. 17, 2018) – Pine Bluffs Distilling, the maker of unique farm-to-distillery spirits, has decided to “muddy” things up a bit by mixing its Lodgepole Creek Bourbon with a locally produced Rye.

Muddy Creek Bourbon is a bourbon with 23% Rye, which gives the resulting “Ryed bourbon” a balance of spice and sweetness.

“Any spirit with Rye, you think it is gong to be super spicy,” said Chad Brown, who owns the distillery with his aunt Kathy Brown and Gene Purdy. “This one has the spice of the rye, to go along with the sweetness of the char of the barrel that creates a super sweet spirit.”

Only 44 cases of the special blend will be available and it will be sold exclusively in Wyoming at select liquor stores and the distillery at 322 N. Beech St. in Pine Bluffs.

Like other Pine Bluffs Distilling products, Muddy Creek Bourbon is made of locally produced grains. The Rye is distilled from grain grown by a farmer in eastern Laramie County. Lodgepole Creek Bourbon itself is a mixture of Wyoming corn, malted wheat and malted barley.

The company’s other products – Rusted Ring White Whiskey, Cheyenne Summer Corn Whiskey and Rock Ranch Vodka — are all produced with Wyoming-grown grains.

For more information about Muddy Creek Bourbon and Pine Bluffs Distilling’s other products, visit the company’s website at or see it on Facebook.