Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream Debuts LongHorn

LongHorn just debuted a somewhat unconventional new menu item—Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream that features bits of steak and swirls of bourbon caramel in every spoonful. Here’s some more info, per a press release from the chain: LongHorn claims that this “unique dish represents LongHorn’s commitment to quality for its guests.” I guess we all express affection in different ways—some people say “thank you,” others put meat and booze in ice cream.  The dessert is “complemented” by LongHorn’s Char seasoning, a spice blend that is traditionally used to “bring out the essence of the grill and season LongHorn’s bone-in steak cuts.”

  • It’s topped with bourbon caramel sauce, whipped cream, and steak sprinkles (do with that information what you will).
  • It’ll be available for $3.99 at select locations (in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Cleveland, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa) for a limited time.